Children’s Hope India inaugurates girls’ school in Bhopal

The ribbon cutting at the inauguration of the CHIGS with Nari Pohani, Mayor Alok Sharma, Dina Pahlajani, Sunita Manglani, Laxmi Pohani, and Maya Rajani and Kavita Gugnani.

NEW YORK – Children’s Hope India (CHI) inaugurated their first all-girls English medium secondary school in Gandhinagar, Bhopal, India on Monday, March 5, called the Children’s Hope India Girls School (CHIGS) and it will be a game-changer for the girl child in the area.

The opening was attended by supporters and well-wishers from several cities, children and their families as well as distinguished guests, including the Mayor of Bhopal, CHI Advisory Board Member Dr. Bhushan Khashu, Dr. Margaret Busch and many CHI board members, according to a press release.

Today, while more girls are going to school in India, there areas where girls have to give up their right to education after primary school in exchange for household chores, babysitting younger siblings or marriage.

In Gandhinagar, there are many middle to lower income families for whom, a quality education is just a dream and CHIGS will provide these rural students with the highest quality of education as well as a level playing field so they can have brighter future.

Chief guests at the CHIGS Inauguration including developer Nari Pohani, Sidh Bhau and the Mayor of Bhopal.

“We are so fortunate to have this collaboration with Jeev Sewa Sansthan. Their spirit of volunteerism and dedication is inspirational. They are educating over 10,000 children through schools and colleges, and are starting construction on a massive eye hospital now,” said Dr. Dina Pahlajani, the President of Children’s Hope India.

“Children’s Hope India has a core belief that every child counts, that every child is important.  To this we would like to add Every Girl child is important, and Every Girl child counts. When you educate a girl, you empower the entire family, and therein lies the importance of Children’s Hope India’s first school for girls,” she added.

CHIGS is recognized by the Government of Madhya Pradesh and is affiliated to the board of secondary education in Bhopal.

Children’s Hope India has partnered with Jeev Sewa Sansthan (JSS) for the school; both have a similar vision to help underprivileged children progress from poverty to prosperity giving them a chance for a brighter future.

“It was truly gratifying to see the Children’s Hope India Girls School in Bhopal open its doors to the underprivileged girls of the surrounding communities,” said CHI Advisory Board Member Dr. Bhushan Khashu, who is a prominent physician and philanthropist in New York.

Children’s Hope India board members, advisory board members and trustees celebrate the opening.

“The impressive structure was constructed in less than a year, a testament to the enthusiasm and hard work of the ground crew. I have no doubt that CHI, jointly with Jeev Sewa, will set up a standard against which our future projects will be measured,” he added.

Many schools and colleges in Bhopal are run under the leadership of Rev. Siddh Bhauji and this particular school will be run by their Laxmidevi Vikyomal Shroff Educational Society in Gandhinagar, Bhopal.

CHIGS was built in less than ten months under the supervision of developer Nari Pohani.

The school offers an education in English medium with great teachers to 800 young girls who are in grades six to 12 and features 16 large classrooms, a library, a Closed Circuit TV system for the campus, a computer lab, a physics lab, a chemistry lab, a biology lab, a recreation room, a seminar hall, a large assembly hall and a playground.

The second phase will include smart classrooms with digital interactive boards for teaching and learning and the girls will go to school in yellow school buses.

Future students of the CHIGS from the Gandhinagar community.


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