Chicago’s Federation of Indian Associations-1980 elects entrepreneur Dr. Rashmi Patel as President

A practicing physician and entrepreneur Dr Rashmi Patel, was elected the new president of FIA Chicago 1980, at a Dec. 18, 2022 event. Here he is seen addressing those present at the gathering. Photo: FIA Chicago 1980

CHICAGO – Chicago’s eminent physician and renowned hospitality entrepreneur Dr Rashmi Patel has been elected the President of the Federation of Indian Associations (1980) Chicago, a press release from the organization said.

He and his Executive Team was elected at the organization’s elections held on December 18, 2022.

“The FIA Chicago’s elections attracted an impressive response with almost all of the member organizations turning up for the elections. The election hall was packed to seams as the election committee smoothly conducted the elections,” the press release said.

The statement of the FIA account and finance was also presented before the member organizations.

The FIA Election Committee comprising three of the FIA Trustees Kanti Patel, Rajesh Patel, and Bhailal Patel presided over, and conducted the election process. Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Satish (Sunny) Gabhawala oversaw through video-conferencing. A large number of trustees, past chairs, and past executives were in attendance.

The new Executive team of FIA Chicago 1980, elected December 18, 2022. Dr. Rashmi Patel, center, is the new president of the organization. Photo: FIA Chicago 1980

The elected Executive includes: Dr Rashmi Patel- President; Mukesh Shah- Secretary; Nitin Patel- Executive Vice President; Cecil Joseph -Vice President; Rajesh Singapori -Vice President; Shrujal Patel Vice President; Jayantilal Patel Joint Secretary; Dr Hemant Patel Treasurer; and Hina Pandya Joint Treasurer.

Dr Rashmi Patel, President FIA Chicago. Photo: FIA Chicago 1980

In his acceptance speech, incoming President Dr Rashmi Patel, outlined the goals that he would executive and achieve during his presidency. On behalf of his newly elected Executive Team he thanked all the trustees and outgoing committee for their efforts and input in the FIA Chicago. He assured the community of all-inclusive initiatives under his tenure, a press release from the organization said.

Dr. Rashmi Patel and his panel said they are eager to take the FIA to a new height and instead of few routine yearly programs, announced they would like to conduct and do more programs to make the FIA strong by reaching out to all the Indian organizations, association members, and all the NRIs in the Chicagoland area.

They want to have a routine health clinic, an open FIA office for routine communication, immigration help and Medicare and Public aid insurance advisors available routinely, the press release said. There are many more programs being planned soon, they said.

A practicing physician for more than 35 years Dr. Rashmi Patel has been a part of many different associations including FIA. He served as a President for the Care and Share organization for 2 years and helped many in needy and destitute individuals. He helped the Lions club in opening new blood banks in the state of Gujarat. Dr. Patel routinely conducts the Reiki treatment seminar and yearly holds the Reiki educational seminars, among his many philanthropic works.

The organization urged anyone who had questions, suggestions, ideas or concerns, to contact the organization at



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