Buzzflix, India’s first family-friendly OTT platform launched

The launch of Buzzlix, a ‘family-friendly’ OTT platform. Photo: Oreo PR

Exciting family days are here as India now has its first family-friendly OTT platform in the name of Buzzflix. At a gala event held in Mumbai, Buzzflix was launched amidst the presence of stars of the film and entertainment industry. The channel was unveiled and the exclusive content went live on the platform at the event.

Producer and distributor Anand Pandit, fashion designer Archana Kochhar, Actress Mouli Ganguly, Vijay Patkar, Kanwarjeet Paintal, and Roadies winner-turned-actor Shweta Mehata among others attended the event.

The launch campaign #SabkaOTT is given to emphasize the fact that the entire content going live on the platform can be viewed with the entire family and from the comfort of their homes. The content will be suitable for all ages and free from any vulgar, sexual or gory material.

Popular stand-up comic Sunil Pal said, “I am very happy to be associated with Buzzflix. I urge people to consume good and clean content. I hope there is a comedy show on Buzzflix as well.”

Vijay Patkar, whose series Shantaram V/s Many, was launched at the event, said, “Buzzflix’s USP is complete family entertainment. Courtesy of Buzzflix, I got an opportunity to work with accomplished actors, and the team knows its job really well.”

Three original projects, Shantaram V/s Many, Ek Ansuni Dhun-Notreachable, and Natthu Ki Almari, were launched at the event while more than 100 Indian movies were made available on the dashboard. Teasers of the upcoming projects such as 0.00 MegaWatt- Chandanpur, Aa (Hindi letter) se A (English alphabet) Tak and Vishnu Ki Vespa were also played. The content is available in Hindi and will be dubbed in other regional languages. More content in other regional languages will also be available in days to come.

“Buzzflix makes such content wherein family and individuals can sit anywhere and enjoy films, web series and much more. Popularity and demand by youth have led to increasing viewership of digital platforms, but there was a dearth of family-friendly OTT platforms,” said Sameer Shenoy, co-founder, Buzzflix.

Rakesh Thakur, co-founder, added, “While we don’t intend to compete with others, we shall give the audience a wide variety of prime and classic content.” Pravarsen Yesambare, CEO of the platform, further emphasized the quality of the content.

With projects involving a start-studded line-up and accomplished actors such as Mahesh Thakur, Sada Yadav, Sweta Mehata, Vijay Badlani, Manmeet Kaur and Rajesh Puri among others, the platform is set to kickstart and can be downloaded both on Google Play and App Store,



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