Bollywood superstar and fitness icon Shilpa Shetty Kundra is the new face of U.S. based South Asian food brand


The company unveils its latest campaign and vision for the North American market.

New York: Laxmi, the oldest and most well-loved South Asian brand in North America is best known for delivering uncompromising quality and authentic ethnic foods that stand for purity and everyday value for South Asian consumers.

Shilpa and Laxmi share a similar passion for perfection both having carved their own niche making them a dream team. Their association is one that forges a path of excellence and will leave a legacy to remember. Shilpa Shetty Kundra will be the face for all brand communications for Laxmi with a special focus on promoting popular products such as basmati rice, wheat flour, spices, and lentils.

Commenting on this exciting new alliance, House of Spices company executives, Neil Soni (CEO) and Amrapali Soni (COO) said, “Shilpa with Laxmi was an easy decision. Her evolution into health and wellness, in addition to her culinary curiosity, fits well with the evolution of the Laxmi brand. In today’s world, we need to engage with our consumers, let them know we are listening. After refreshing the Laxmi logo, it was time to give the brand a new voice. We could not be happier that the voice is Shilpa’s.”

Laxmi is dedicated to keeping the South Asian culinary traditions alive and thriving by continuing to fulfill our desi cooking needs by offering a range of superior products from the extra-long basmati rice to the purest Haldi (turmeric), ghee, and the newly launched range of Ayurvedic spices.

Speaking of category challenges in the marketplace, Chief Sales and Marketing officer Sundeep Singh mentioned that “With the explosion of brand options at the store, for a consumer, it is a difficult choice to make especially not knowing how these products are sourced and handled. Laxmi has always stood for quality, trust, and value and with our new association with Shilpa Shetty Kundra, our brand promise will come to life”.

The origins of the Laxmi brand are based on traditions and family values and therefore it is no surprise that their latest campaign revolves around bringing those values to life.

Commenting on the campaign inspiration, Suhasinee Patil, VP Marketing shared some thoughts on what makes this campaign so special. According to her, “This past year with all its challenges has proven to us that nothing matters more than family and one way we all stayed positive and connected was through cooking. The pandemic brought out the chef in all of us and induced us to try new foods, focusing on reducing stress and boosting our immunity. It inspired us to change our lifestyle and prioritize health and family.”

With this campaign, our message to the consumers is simple: It’s time to bring home foods that stand for quality and purity; it’s time to bring home a brand you have trusted for over 50 years; It’s time to bring LAXMI  home!

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