Bolly DanceFit Performs at Illinois Wheeling Park District 2018 International Festival

(Photo Courtesy: Bolly DanceFit )

On Sunday, August 19, the Wheeling Park District in Wheeling, Illinois celebrated its 2018 International Festival.

In this multicultural event, over 25 ethnic and cultural performances represented regions from all over the world such as India, Mexico, Ireland, Brazil, Colombia, Spain, the Middle East, West Indies, Russia, and many more.

Organizers mentioned that the main purpose of this event is to celebrate and embrace the diversity of communities.

(Photo Courtesy: Bolly DanceFit )

‘Bolly DanceFit’, the Bollywood Dance Institute, showcased the beauty of India in their 30 minute non-stop show with more than 80 students.

The performers especially showcased the beautiful Indian subcontinent with Bollywood music, energetic dance and, of course, their beautiful Indian costumes.

Bolly DanceFit Director Deepthi Chiruvuri mentioned to the media that she and her school always feel a great pleasure to be part of international and multicultural events like this, where they can share India’s beauty with the community and also experience other cultures’ arts.



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