Bolly DanceFit celebrates dance festival ‘Passport to the World’


Bolly DanceFit was invited to represent India as part of the Wheeling International Festival 2017 called ‘Passport to the World’ at Heritage Park Performance Pavilion, Wheeling on August 20.

The festival showcased 25 different ethnic and cultural performances representing regions from all over the world such as India, Mexico, Ireland, Brazil, Colombia, and so on.

Bolly DanceFit represented Indian culture by showcasing multiple Bollywood dance performances with more than 60 students. Bolly DanceFit once again put up a show that highlighted the beauty of the Indian dance forms and Indian music to the community with colorful costumes and props.

More than 600 people attended the unique cultural event and enjoyed the richness that is an integral part of India’s art and culture.



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