Beverly Hills Jain Social Group honor Nimmi Raghunathan

Rajendra Vora, President, Beverly Hills Jain Social Group (right) honoring Nimmi Ragunathan and Harshit Badani, City of Cerritos Councilmember Naresh Solanki is dismaying Raghunathan’s books. Photo courtesy of Rajendra Vora.

Beverly Hills Jain Social Group, a leading International chapter of Jain Social Group International Federation (JSGIF), recently hosted a 2019 kickoff for the group, in Beverly Hills, California.

The Beverly Hills chapter ranks top 3rd out of 450 chapters worldwide and more than 75,000 combined member strength, according to a press release.

JSGIF’s chapter hosted the 2019 kickoff banquet dinner at the Indian restaurant Spice Affair, in Beverly Hills. The evening started by chanting of ‘Navkar Mantra’ by Roopa Kothari.

Rajendra Vora, the founder and president of the group, welcomed the elite gathering and introduced new members.

Vora introduced one of the honorees of the evening, Nimmi Ragunathan, the editor of India Journal, at the meet.

“Today it took me to the memory lane of inception of India Journal newspaper. I still have the very first issue in my possession. The whole Indian community was in joyous mood to see the birth of local Indian newspaper around three decades ago,” said Vora.

“The shift (of the newspaper) has been voice of the community and for the community the greatest shift happened over 2016 election. Till that point it was journalism was always about neutral way, listening to both sides, irrespective way journalists kept their biases to themselves; because you wanted to be fair and balanced,” said Raghunathan, speaking at the meet, of the Journal.

Vora presented Raghunathan United States Congressional and State of California Legislature recognitions.

Los Angeles’ first elected Asian American Councilmember David Ryu in his address praised the Beverly Hills chapter of JSGIF.

Ryu discussed many issues related to the Asian community and other minorities, homelessness, and affordable housing. He presented a ‘Certificate of Recognition’ to Raghunathan and promised the elite gathering that he will attend the future meeting of the group.

Singer Kavita Narayanaswamy entertained the audience, at the meet.



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