Being a Gujarati Helped to Bag My Role: Jinal Belai


jinal belai1


Actress Jinal Belai, who is playing the lead role in upcoming television comedy-drama “Har Mard Ka Dard”, says her ethnicity helped her to get the role as in the serial she is playing a Gujarati girl.


Asked about how she managed to get the role, Jinal told media: “Well, being a Gujarati helped me to bag the role as I am playing the character of Sonu who is a Guajarati girl. Though I am not speaking in Guajarati in the show, there is a poem that Sonu (character name) utters whenever she is angry or irritated. And for that, a certain fluency in Gujarati was needed.”

The actress was picked up by the production for audition after watching her performance in her first Gujarati film “Polam Pol”. However, she earlier appeared in various ad films and acted in “Laaga Chunri Mai Daag” in Doordarshan.

The story of “Har Mard Ka Dard” revolves around the story of Vinod and Sonu where Sonu keeps making her husband confused with her complicated thoughts in daily life.

So, does Jinal relate to the character as an individual?

“No, I am not as complicated as Sonu in my real life. Probably that is because I am not married. So I cannot relate much. My friends are saying that I will become complicated once get married, let’s see,” she said.