BAPS Charities Chicago hosts annual “In the Joy of Others: Walk-Run”

BAPS Charities event of June 8, 2024, “In the Joy of Others: Walk-Run” in West Chicago, IL, takes place with enthusiastic onlookers watching. Nearly 1,700 people took part in the run. PHOTO : BAPS

On June 8, 2024, BAPS Charities ( hosted its annual “In the Joy of Others: Walk-Run” in West Chicago, IL, to support two non-profit organizations – Apna Ghar and the DuPage Foundation.

The annual BAPS Charities Walk-Run, occurring in 72 cities across North America champions a diverse range of causes including education, health and wellness, environmental stewardship, humanitarian relief, and support for local police and fire departments. participation.

This year, nearly 1,700 community members, including Seth Lewis, IL State Senator, representing the 24th district; Mayor Rubin Pineda, Mayor of West Chicago; and Mayor Frank Saverino, Mayor of Carol stream, joined the effort to support Apna Ghar and the DuPage Foundation and their missions to provide critical, personalized support in enhancing the quality of life for community members. The event showcased a broad spectrum of participation, from youth to seniors, united for a common cause.

President and CEO Michael Sitrick of DuPage Foundation reflected on the event’s significance, saying, “I’m thrilled to be here today on behalf of the DuPage Foundation and to be one of the beneficiaries of this event. BAPS and the DuPage Foundation have a lot of common interests, both focused on bringing people together and helping our community…I am honored to be here today.”

Speaking on the occasion, Seth Lewis, IL State Senator representing the 24th district, said, “BAPS is one of the best organizations in my district…The walk today is just another example of the contributions they make to our local community and society overall. I cannot thank the individuals of BAPS enough for everything they do.”

Kirtan Thakkar, a participant at the event shared, “Having the opportunity to run with my 2-year-old son for BAPS Charities and be able to teach him that giving back to the community is such an important part of our lives was so great.”

Event lead Falguni Shah provided insights into the event’s success, and expressed gratitude towards participants and fundraisers, saying, “It was such a wonderful experience to see the community come together for an important cause. I am so thankful for all of those who took time out to be here today.”

Beyond the annual Walk-Run, BAPS Charities is dedicated to five fundamental areas, the press release said. They include Health Awareness, Educational Services, Humanitarian Relief, Environmental Protection & Preservation, and Community Empowerment. It operates in nine countries and five continents, the organization is deeply involved in providing humanitarian aid both locally and internationally. Specifically, in North America, BAPS Charities has organized more than 1,000 walks and 500 health fairs, offering free health services to over 130,000 individuals. Additionally, it has conducted 500 blood donation drives, which have collected enough blood to potentially save 56,000 lives and delivered over 5,000 health awareness lectures. On a global scale, BAPS Charities has made significant environmental contributions by planting over 2 million trees, constructing 55 schools in regions hit by disasters, and offering humanitarian assistance to over 1,000 refugees from the Ukraine conflict in 2022.



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