AWESOME Top Model 2018 Unveiled

All Winners: Elena Macnoughey, Bessie Gee, Carolyn Antal, Joselyn Zambrano, Meghan Martin, Tommy Maksanty, Kyree Moore & Jose Baez.

In search for an international model, AWESOME TV and ASC Production hosted the Awesome Top Model 2018 contest on Dec. 1 at Royal Alberts Palace in Fords, New Jersey.

The show featured a ramp walk of models and talents covering a diverse array of specialties that ranged from unique casual wear, swimwear, evening wear and more.

Team members (L to R): Bumi Veyg, Mike Speier, Hakim Dubois, Nutan Kalamdani, Mani Kamboj, Kenny ‘Kas’ Flanagan, Michele Sorvino, Jon Harari, Cheryl Jacobs, Roxanne Seunarine, Ritesh Parikh, John Dente, Nabeel Shams. (All Photos: Suresh Maisuria & Jeff Smith)

Fashion designers showcased at the event were included Caren K by Kiran Khan, Kenny ‘KAS’ & LAVA LUXE, Layol loyal by Quiana Brown, Derrick J. Sellers for DJS Lifestyles, Zainab Ero-Phillips for Hot Momma, Original Crackage by Wesley Woods and Patty Such for Candy.

The judges’ panel consisted of people from the fashion and entertainment world including Jon Harari, CEO and co-Founder of; Michele Sorvino; Cheryl Jacobs, actress and model; Kenny ‘KAS’ Flanagan, designer at House of KAS; Mani Kamboj, COO at NetIP NY; and Hakim Dubois, founder of DEKAD Lifestyle.

Top winners: Meghan Martin & Tommy Maksanty

Each contestant was scored on presentation, grace, pattern, hair, accessories and attire.

The event also featured a performance by indie soul/indie soft rock musician Bindi Liebowitz, an Indo-Italian fusion cuisine for dinner, and music by DJ Sunny Patel, a press release from organizers said.

The judges: Hakim Dubois, Mani Kamboj, Kenny ‘Kas’ Flanagan, Michele Sorvino, Jon Harari, Cheryl Jacobs.

The event was hosted by Lina Ludwicki, Jo Gagliardo and Johann Ortiz, the red carpet event for Awesome TV and AWSM Radio was covered by Rox Seunarine, Alaja Greene handled backstage, casting and styling and Liza Gibson helped the models develop their portfolios onstage.

Besides the fashion designers, the event also highlighted the hard work and efforts of makeup artists.

(L to R) Amit Singh Chauhan, Nutan Kalamdani & Ritesh Parikh.

With over 50 Models participating in the Awesome Top Model 2018, the final top winners were Meghan Martin in the female category and Tommy Maksanty in the male category.

Winners of various categories included:

Tommy Maksanty and Joselyn Zambrano for Mr. and Miss Popularity
Jose Baez and Elena Maconaughey for Mr. and Miss Personality
Tommy Maksanty and Katy Grey for Mr. and Miss Photogenic
Kyree Moore and Bessie Gee for Mr. and Miss Performance
Tommy Maksanty and Carolyn Antal for Mr. and Miss Physique

“The ‘Awesome Top Model’ hunt celebrated exceptional designers whose imagination and creativity broke new ground in fashion industry. The purpose was to discover, showcase and inspire modeling talent from around the world,” Ritesh Parikh, founder of Awesome TV and AWSM Radio, is quoted saying in a press release.

“Awesome Top Model is a vision that we created with the purpose of offering a platform for models to progress further in their careers with the help of well-established individuals, industry professionals, mentors and the like, thereby giving them an opportunity to connect with them,” said co-founder Nutan Kalamdani. Models need to be given the tools required to become successful, and help minimize struggles to achieve that goal, Kalamdani added.

“I truly want to see all my models succeed. I want them to make a name for themselves. It gives me great sense of satisfaction when I see their progress. I want nothing else,” the founder of ASC Productions, Amit Singh Chauhan, who according to the press release has been working with models for several years and been active in the New York Fashion Week, said.



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