Awesome TV celebrates 3rd anniversary, in New York

Ritesh Parikh and Nutan Kalamdani.



The Internet-based TV channel ‘Awesome TV’, founded by Ritesh Parikh and Nutan Kalamdani, celebrated its 3rd anniversary at Loveage Rooftop, in New York City.

The evening was marked in the style of a gala with sparkling décor, live music, dancing and entertainment. Indian artist Jashodhara Chatterjee, Latin performers like Fascination aka Mr. Boriqua Posse to a rapper Az Izz captivated the audience with their flavorful and varied music. A fascinating fire show and an LED wings performance by Ivanna Dudka was another high point of the event.

‘Team Appreciation Awards’ were presented to all the team members of Awesome TV.

“There are three kinds of people in this world – people who make it happen, people who watch what happens, and people who wonder what happened. Awesome TV and its team strive to make the best, go after the idea and make it happen,” said Kalamdani.

The highlight of the celebrations was the announcement of ‘Launch of digital only AWSM Radio, that’s slated to go on air by the fall of 2017. AWSM Radio will be coming to smart phones, tablets, laptops, PC, iOS and Android, according to a press release.



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