Association of South Asian Real Estate Professionals celebrates Global Impact Day

Attendees at the May 20, 2022 Global Impact Day celebrations of the Association of South Asian Real Estate Professionals in Chicagoland. Photo: courtesy ASARP

The Association of South Asian Real Estate Professionals celebrated Global Impact Day on Friday, May 20, 2022. The spirit of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” is at the very core of global business, the organization said in a press release from the Illinois-based ASARP.

Pradeep B. Shukla, founder-chairman of the ASARP, noted that real estate professionals start dealing with the global community soon as they stop out of home.  “All persons of different origin, different religious and economic background, different traits and still having a feeling of belonging to “one”,” Shukla is quoted saying in the press release.

Shirin Marvi, president of ASARP, spoke about the role being played by ASARP in enhancing the impact of the South Asian community in United States and world over.

Prior to the meeting, Marvi and Sunita Kakarlapudi coordinated a video conference with Tarun Bhatia, past president of National Association of Realtors, India and Shukla. The conference emphasized the need to create a data base and resources for realtors of South Asian origin to enter the U.S. real estate market and share in the fruits of the groundwork done by National Association of Realtors, USA.

All three explained the resources available with Main Street Organizations of Realtors, as well as local associations such as Illinois Association of Realtors and National Association of Realtors. Shukla further explained the benefits of obtaining CIPS designation and the enhanced involvement of South Asian professionals in Global committees at various levels. Rajesh Patel and Nick Verma, along with Kakarlapudi immediately agreed regarding enhanced participation in global affairs at the Association level.

After an industry update by Shukla, Catherine Terpstra, Global committee chair of Main Street and its past president, presented the “no money, no worry” scheme of investing in log cabin proposals of Appalachian Log Structures.

Kate Sax of Main Street was present in absentia. Due to some technical issues, her live broadcast had to be postponed, organizers said.

Senior members of the Association Bhailal Patel, Kanti Patel, T.R. Vishwanathan, Bimal Pandhi, Harsha Shukla and the guests were recognized.

Marvi thanked Nancy Suvarnamani, founder member of AAREA, and Furhad Waquad past President of Michigan Association, Joe Rosario of NAHREP and guests and sponsors Greg and Abid of Reddoor Mortgage.

As a part of the program for catering Indian cuisine at ASARP events, this program ended with flavor from Punjab. Marvi also reminded attendees of the next ASARP event scheduled for June 24, on legal updates featuring IDFPR director Laurie Murphy and Lynn Madison, who needs no introduction to the realtor community, the press release said.



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