Another Indian American running for San Ramon City Council

Aparna Madireddi (Courtesy:

Indian American Aparna Madireddi of San Ramon, California, has decided to run for City Council in hopes of helping the city prosper as an enterprising and sustainable place.

The 21-year resident, who’s an entrepreneur and city and school volunteer, officially launched her campaign in May.

Madireddi has a degree in urban and political geography and she currently serves on the city’s Open Space Committee and Diversity Task Force, claiming that she has “a strong understanding” of what needs to be done to keep the city safe, affordable, and supportive of the needs of the growing community.

Her priorities include public safety, preserving open spaces, balanced growth and creating more effective communication methods between the community and city hall.

According to her website, Madireddi has served on several boards and committees including the San Ramon Chamber of Commerce, the school district’s Tax Oversight Committee, Communications Advisory Committee and the executive board of the Council of Parent Teacher Associations.

Her challengers are Sabina Zafar, a technology executive and Sridhar Verose, a senior manager of infrastructure engineering for GSX Solutions.



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