Anand Gandhi pushes AI to limits to create a stunning storyboard

Anand Gandhi used Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create a storyboard. Photo: Shivangi Jain

Anand Gandhi, the maker of Tumbbad and Ship of Theseus, is known for pushing the boundaries of ideas and possibilities in whatever medium he touches, be it cinema, games or tech.

He took to Instagram to share something cutting-edge—images from a film storyboard that he created purely using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. These gorgeous images are from a hard science-fiction film that he announced in 2019, called Emergence. Since 2015, Anand has been speculating about a pandemic that brings the world to a halt. And ironically, the film was delayed because of the actual Covid-19 pandemic that began in the world four years later!

In the post, Anand shared, “My exposure to text-to-image AI happened when I visited MIT Media Lab a decade ago. Computer vision is going to inform our futures in ways I can only vaguely speculate, limited by the ceiling of my imagination.”

His audiences and industry peers could not contain their excitement at these images. Actor Vijay Verma commented, “This looks extraordinary, Anand. I hope and wish you make this.” Many other users also implored, “Please make this happen!”

Whether Anand Gandhi actually intends to make this film now is anybody’s guess. Let us see what he comes up with next.




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