American Hindus believe that we can make America great again


Since 1933, the 100-DAY mark of a Presidency has been a measure taken to assess a new President, a new government, and whether governance matches the promises made on the campaign trail.

The American Hindu Coalition (AHC) as a non-partisan 501(c)4 organization, focuses on issues impactful to American Hindus and how our growing faith-community can positively influence government policy for the benefit of all of America:


1) A strong national defense that protects American interests abroad and secures the integrity of our country at home;

2) A limited government where citizens have the freedom to create their own futures; and

3) Stronger relations between the United States and natural allies such as India for a peaceful and prosperous world.

Given these three broad policy objectives, the AHC commends President Trump, his White House staff, and the new Cabinet for working hard and in a bipartisan manner to deliver on the campaign promises that will Make America Great Again.

We commend the President’s success in working with a bipartisan Congress, which increased defense spending to rebuild our depleted military. Since 9-11, we have been in a continuous war against terrorism, which has been costly in lives, treasure, and strategic coherence. President Trump has identified and named this enemy – “Radical Islamist Extremism.” He has re-established America’s clarity of moral purpose by attacking regimes that use weapons of mass destruction on civilians. He has followed through on his campaign promise to eradicate radical Islamists, wherever they may be. To this end, General Mattis attacked a key base in Afghanistan with a MOAB. This effort denies easy supply routes between sympathetic factions in Pakistan from supplying radicals Islamists in Afghanistan.

We commend the President for rolling-back regulations that are hostile to business expansion and entrepreneurial risk taking. We also commend the President for working with Congress to repeal and replace Obamacare and pass landmark tax reform legislation that will significantly lower both business and individual income tax.

Regarding US-India relations, President Trump’s national security team has met with counterparts in India and coordinated activity in the Westerns Indian Ocean, making India a full partner as part of AFRICOM, the US Joint Command for Africa. Prime Minister Modi is scheduled to visit Washington in the near future. We anticipate positive developments against radical Islamists as well as efforts to accelerate trade between the two countries.

The American Hindu Coalition stands ready to work with any political party, nonprofit organization, or community organizations that share our policy goals.

Buchanna Gajula is Executive Director,



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