Alumni of Sardar Patel University hold mega reunion

DIya Lighting (From left to right) Chetan Patel, Dr. Haris Gershom, Barindra Desai, Kam Patel, (President), Ravi Patel (Chief Guest), Priti Amin (Vice Chair), Kiran Patel (Chairman) and Jayesh Patel

The VVN Alumni of Sardar Patel University in Vallabh Vidyanagar, Gujarat, India, held a mega reunion on Saturday, September 22, at Royal Albert Palace in Fords, New Jersey.

More than 500 alumni and well-wishers from all over the U.S. and Canada joined the celebration, including several prominent personalities such as chief guest chef Ravi Patel from North Carolina, guest of honor Barindra Desai and guest of honor Lion Chiragkumar from California.

Live entertainment was provided by Rakesh Raj.

Executive Committee 2018

The event also featured Dr. Haris Gersom, who has invented new musical therapy and relaxation mind machine: the Harishophone, creating calmness in the brain waves.

According to a press release, Gersom can hold five musical instruments, keeping both hands free and play at the same time.

Sardar Patel University has an enrollment of more than 45,000 students and has more than 70 affiliated colleges and institutions.

Dr. Haris Gershom


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