All charges against Indian American CEO Zain Jaffer dismissed

Zain Jaffer (Courtesy: Cruncbase)

Indian American CEO of Vungle, Zain Jaffer’s charges including one of sexually abusing a child, has been dropped, according to a statement from Jaffer’s representatives.

According to a Tech Crunch report, Jaffer was arrested last October and charged with several serious offenses, including a lewd act on one of his children, child abuse and battery on a police officer.

All charges have been dropped by San Mateo County Judge Stephanie Garratt for various reasons including the fact that he was taking two prescription medications, whose side effects caused him to take such actions against his kids, according to an Axios report.

In a statement Jaffer said:

“Being wrongfully accused of these crimes has been a terrible experience, which has had a deep and lasting impact on my family and the employees of my business. Those closest to me knew I was innocent and were confident that all of the charges against me would eventually be dismissed. I want to thank the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office for carefully reviewing and considering all of the information and evidence in this case and dropping all the charges. I am also incredibly grateful for the continued and unwavering support of my wife and family, and look forward to spending some quality time with them.”

Jaffer co-founded Vungle, the fast-rising mobile ad startup in 2011, he was removed the company immediately after he was arrested.



  1. Mr. Zain Jaffer was NOT wrongfully accused or charged of theses crimes. If he thought that were true he would sue the Town of Hillsborough Police Department. He should demand the Body Camera Video be made public to prove his statement. DDA Sharon Cho told the Judge Stephanie Garratt
    “The acts that were charged we would say occurred.”


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