Ajay Patil running for reelection to Edison Town Council

Ajay Patil

Incumbent Ajay Patil is running for reelection to the Edison Town Council, in Edison, NJ.

Patil, who is running with the support of the Edison Democratic Organization, is currently serving as council vice president, and is seeking a second four-year term in office.

According to notes sent by Patil, he is a resident of Edison for the past 15 years and a parent of two Edison public school students. He serves as a Democratic Committeeman from District 69 and Council Member of Edison Township.

He has more than 18 years of experience in the Information Technology (IT) profession. His professional areas of emphasis are strategic planning, developing and executing large programs through strategic partnerships with business.

Patil has a Masters degree of Technology – Industrial Engineering and Management; and a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Apart from serving as Council Vice President, Patil is in the Township Finance Committee; Township Liaison to Edison Board of Education Committee; organized Thanksgiving turkey distribution in partnership with the Edison Housing Authority;   organized programs for teens and adults with special needs through Lions Club of Edison; created, facilitated and promoted various social and interpersonal relationship among residents; and is Advisory Board member of various Cricket League committees.

Patil says he is running for re-election to continue an agenda of transparency and accountability in local government.

Patil is opposed to the proposed 40 year Suez water and sewer deal. He also believes that the township must regulate developers who build multi-unit residential properties, solve the overcrowding crisis, clean up our parks, and reinvest in our infrastructure (e.g. roads, sewer system)

As councilman, Patil introduced an ordinance holding big banks accountable for abandoned properties. He also introduced a pay to play ordinance to stop special interests from buying elections.  Along with Councilman Coyle, Patil voted against a proposed tax increase, citing systemic fraud, waste and abuse in the budget.

With the support of Edison residents, Patil says he looks forward to defeating the Suez proposal and implementing a reasonable, rational alternative where Edison hires qualified professionals to run our water and sewer systems. He also looks forward to implanting an E-Governance program that identifies wasteful spending and increases transparency for residents.

“Say No to Suez, let people decide,” he said. His other messages are:

* Stop Overcrowding in schools and streets * Invest in Infrastructure*Improve Parks and Roads – June 4, Support Column B.




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