Aamir Khan, Kiara Advani trolled for bank commercial

Kiara Advani troleld along with Aamir Khan for a bank ad that is considered anti-Hindu. Photo: Publicity Photo

Aamir Khan is really paying for a silly statement that he made way back in 2015 about his wife Kiran Rao (a Hindu) feeling insecure in India in the current government’s reign. This brought about also to a reminder to people that his 2014 release, PK, had targeted some aspects of Hinduism as well. As a result, his latest release, Laal Singh Chaddha was subjected to demands for ban and boycott and the boycott brigade considered it a victory when the film became a box-office disaster, actually and totally because of its own cinematic demerits!

The unlucky superstar is now ‘picking up the tab’ for one more ill-advised move he should have steered clear of, especially at such times.

Kiara Advani as well as Aamir are now being trolled on social media for doing a commercial for AU Small Finance Bank in which they feature as newlyweds traveling back from their wedding. The two are discussing how neither of them shed tears at the ‘bidaai’ ritual. The ad then shows that Aamir Khan has moved to the bride’s house to help her in taking care of her ailing father, contrary to the normal tradition of a bride moving into her husband’s home.

Aamir then asks in Hindi (in the bank): “Why should traditions that have continued for centuries continue to do so? That’s why we question every banking tradition. So that you get the best service.” The ad ends with the line, “Badlaav humse hai” (change should come from us).

Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri, of The Kashmir Files fame, slammed the bank too for this “misplaced social activism” and termed the makers of the commercial as “Idiots”. He posted, “I just fail to understand since when banks have become responsible for changing social & religious traditions? I think @aubankindia should do activism by changing the corrupt banking system. Aisi bakwaas karte hain fir kehte hain Hindus are trolling (They talk such nonsense first and then say Hindus are trolling)!”

Many netizens later said that they would boycott the bank. A user wrote, “Time to boycott @aubankindia, have told in our groups to remove deposits and not open,” while another user wrote, “I have decided to close my and my office account from AU Bank now I will post photos soon.”

Netizens also asked why only Hindus are targeted and asked to change and not any other religion. “Hindu paramparao ke sath shedshad karane ka adhikar aapko kisne diya?? Ham aapka nishedh karte hai (Who gave you the right to mock Hindu traditions? We boycott you)!” said one fan. “@aubankindia why always badlav is for or with Hindus and their tradition, can you make an ad with other peace-loving people’s in society??” said another.

“U should not disrespect out traditions. Will never think to invest with u after watching this. Banking is NOwhere related to this. Deliberate attempt to gain negative publicity. @ianuragthakur @nsitharaman @HMOIndia will u take action?” said another person.

Other recent controversial ads include a Tanishq jewelry ad, the Fem, Dabur ad of a same-sex couple on Karwa Chauth and an ad for Manyavar, a brand specializing in wedding outfits for males, that was also condemned for allegedly insulting the Kanyadaan tradition.






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