A Unique Not-for Profit Organization For Children Launched

(Photo By: Asian Media USA)

Diversified South Asian Association (DSAA), a not for profit organization founded by Amit Vatal and co-founded by Shabana Rahman, Shafee Baig and Meliha Vatal organized its official launch on January 27 at Bristol Palace, Mount Prospect, IL

DSAA has been founded on the belief that every child has the basic right to education, nutrition, love and care. DSAA started with a common dream shared by its core team members, a common dream of the upliftment and nurture of all the children of human kind.

“We at DSAA firmly believe that each child has the potential to becoming a responsible part of society and can make a difference in their own lives, their families and it starts with making the difference with one child at a time”, said Amit Vatal, President DSAA.

DSAA, through its efforts wishes to create opportunities for children to have a bright, healthy and safe future and help every child live a happy, healthy, disease – free, full of nutrition life and encompassing physical and emotion well-being.

From Left to right: Sunita Latamba, Shafee Baig, Amit Vatal, Shabana Rahman, Anshul Bindal, Prachi Jaitly and Abhi Trivedi. (Photo By: Asian Media USA)

It aims to focus on providing opportunities for education and skill development to kids, aide in providing them food and nutritious diet, arranging medical Camps and other related activities.

The association has Amit Vatal as its President, Shafee Baig and Anshul Bindal as Vice President, Shabana Rahman as Treasurer and Prachi Jaitly as Secretary.

The board of directors includes Meliha Vatal, Abir Maru, Geetanjali Maru, Abhi Trivedi, Sunita Latamba, Chandrashekhar Reddy and Tariq Khan.

DSAA will be hosting its first fundraising event on February 9 at Monty’s Elegant Banquets and all the proceeds will go to Sankar Netralaya to help kids’ cataract surgeries. “It takes $65 dollars to support one cataract surgery. Join us this Valentine with a commitment that will go long way in bringing light to these children’s eyes for as little as $65 you can help pay for a surgery for a child who’s waiting now.

That’s one life changed, entirely because of you”, said Shaban Rahman Co-founder DSAA.



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