A book about the life and times of physician PK Vedanthan aims to raise funds for charitable causes



Book jacket of “P K Portrayed”: Biography of Dr. P.K. Vedanthan, narrated by Mohan Murthy. Photo courtesy Dr. P.K. Vedanthan

 “P K Portrayed”: Biography of Dr. P.K. Vedanthan, narrated by Mohan Murthy

The book “PK Portrayed” is a story of the life journey of Dr. P.K. Vedanthan, a philanthropist and physician, founder of International Asthma Services, and contributor to numerous causes.

It traces his life from his roots in Krishna Murthy Puram in Mysore, Karnataka state, giving a vivid description of life in the 1960s small-town India, through life-changing events, how these shaped his outlook and changed his priorities through life.

Dr. Vedanthan spent time as a physician also in Colorado. According to the website of National Jewish Health (nationaljewish.org) where he was a former fellow, Dr. Vedanthan created the International Asthma Services organization in the late 1980s “to address the worldwide problem of asthma in areas including India, Africa, Mauritius, Fiji, South America and the Philippines.” The IAS is a nonprofit organization serving disadvantaged populations through educating patients and providers; offering free medical care; and giving physicians and hospitals materials, technology and training.

A separate section in the book entitled “Memorable Events” encompasses his varied experiences, his travels around the world, adventures with family and friends, as well as joyful and painful memories, according to the brief description accompanying the book.

In his latest effort at supporting charitable activities, Dr. Vedanthan is putting the book about his life up for donations.

“One of the ways I am planning to conduct the next fund-drive is through the distribution of a unique book, ‘PK PORTRAYED’ by Mr. MOHAN MURTHY, an author and publisher in Mysore, India. This book encompasses my life from my childhood years, through the different stages of life, to the present day, all in an easily readable and seamless narration. The book is presently available in English,” Dr. Vedanthan says on the website of Global Chest Initiatives at flipcause.com.

Dr. Vedanthan’s International Asthma Services has been deeply involved since the 1980s, with providing charitable services — organizing asthma awareness camps; building free charitable clinics; arranging for the transfer of medical equipment across continents; and expanding post-MD educational programs in the field of immunology.

Most of Dr. Vedanthan’s philanthropic works has been self-funded, with additional support from colleagues, well-wishers, alumni from the Diploma programs as well as from friends and relatives, he says

Dr. Vedanthan uses all the funds collected to support the following institutions in India:

  • Swaasha Allergy Asthma charitable clinic at MMCRI, Mysore. Karnataka
  • Swaasha Allergy Asthma Charitable clinic at Jodhpur, Rajasthan
  • Asthma Allergy Awareness camps in various locations
  • Asthma Allergy Network India (AANI)
  • Planned Centre of excellence in Allergy, Asthma & Immunology at CMC, Vellore, India

This book is not for sale, Dr. Vedanthan emphasizes. “A copy of the book will be sent to all donors. A copy will be sent on request to those who are not donors too, free of cost,” he says.

For more details and donations please visit: (https://www.flipcause.com/secure/cause_pdetails/ODg4NzY=)






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