9 world leaders and their million dollar private jets

Air Force One: Aircraft of the President of the United States

NEW YORK – Ever wonder how world leaders take four-city tours within seven days without getting tired? Well, according to Express UK, they fly on the most luxurious planes with defense weapons systems and extra fuel tanks to save time on refueling.

The Express UK states that Air Charter Service, which specializes in niche transportation for VIPs, compared 9 world leaders’ aircraft, including Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Prince Hassanal Bolkiah, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Sheikh Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, Angela Merkel, Queen Elizabeth II and Theresa May.

Here are the 9 leaders:

Donald Trump

According to Arab News, Donald Trump’s Air Force One is worth $1,000,000,000 and is over 25 years old, making it the oldest fleet owned by a world leader. Arab News also reported that the President has a choice of one of the Boeing 747-200B models, either a VC-25A or a smaller Boeing C-32.

Express UK says that Air Force One is located at the Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, Virginia and the model is specially designed to have a better fuel economy so it can fly longer distances allowing an in-flight refueling option.

The security system protects against attacks and occurrences like targeted electromagnetic impulses.

The interior of the plane, as described by Express UK, includes over 370 square meters of cabin area, a bedroom, bathroom, gym and offices, along with a separate area for news reporters, there is also a medical suite onboard with a fully functioning operating room.

Vladimir Putin

Vladamir Putin has the world’s largest fleet owned by a world leader with 68 airplanes and 64 helicopters.

According to the Arab News report, Vladimir Putin’s Russian-made IL-96-300PU is worth $500,000,000. The government has installed an advanced communication system on board which allows the aircraft to act as a management center from where they can command troops in case of unexpected conflict, said Arab News.

Express UK also notes that the aircraft features a similar security system to that of Air Force One and has several layers of protection for the Russian president in case they are attacked.

The body of the aircraft has a special coating that makes the plane less visible to RCS, an automated system of jamming and disorienting radar, and it is known for its own anti-aircraft defense system, said Express UK.

Express UK mentioned that the interior is decorated with tapestries and gold accents which are finished in neoclassical style, and it also includes a spacious office, a bedroom and a fully-equipped gym.

Xi Jinping

The President of China, Xi Jinping, does not have his own plane as stated by Express UK; instead, he uses two Boeing 747-400s that belong to Air China and are frequently used as passenger planes when he is not using them.

According to Express UK, the planes are worth $195 million and when taken out of service they are; security checked for several weeks before being completely refitted with a spacious living room, bedroom and office which replace the cabin seats making it look non-luxurious.

Prince Hassanal Bolkiah

The Sultan of Brunei Prince Hassanal Bolkiah’s Airbus A340-12, nicknamed the “Flying Palace” is worth $170 million and is decorated with precious metals and gems as reported by Express UK.

Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani

According to Arab News, the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani owns a $1,500,000,000 fleet of 14 airbuses, the most expensive fleet owned by a world leader.

The leader is accompanied by 1,000 people who include family members, members of the delegation and service staff when he makes his official trips and carries a cargo of limousines, used in his destination country, as stated by the Arab News.

Express UK said that the airbuses feature extra fuel tanks that give them a 10,000 mile flight range.

Sheikh Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa

Arab News reported that the King of Bahrain Sheikh Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa owns a $250,000,000 worth VIP Boeing 767-400FSER that is part of the state airline of Bahrain Royal Flight, founded in 1981.

Express UK says his fleet consists of six aircrafts: a Boeing Business Jet BBJ2, two Boeing 747-400s, a Boeing 767-400ER, a Gulfstream G-IV and a Bell 430.

Angela Merkel

Arab News said that German Chancellor Angela Merkel travels in a $300,000,000 worth Airbus A340-313X VIP, called the Konrad Adenauer, which carries 143 passengers and has several other planes at her disposal which are managed by the German armed forces.

Queen Elizabeth II

Express UK stated that Queen Elizabeth II’s No. 32nd Squadron is worth $100,000,000 and includes two AW109 helicopters, used for traveling distances under 1,000 kilometers, six BAE-125 airplanes which can travel distances of up to 3,000 kilometers and four mid-sized reactive BAE-146 airplanes.

Express UK mentioned that Queen Elizabeth II also has a personal helicopter and a Sikorsky S-76 Spirit, as part of the Royal Household and the Royal family also uses airplanes and helicopters of the Royal Air Force.

Theresa May

Arab News reports that an Airbus A330, worth $250,000,000 was given to British Prime Minister Theresa May for official government use, from the Queen’s 32nd squadron of United Kingdom and it cost $20 million to get it refitted.

Express UK noted that Theresa May’s aircraft has minor alterations such as a small curtained-off VIP area with leather ottoman chairs at the front and seat 158 passengers with 58 business class seats for ministers and staff and 100 economy class seats for journalists, making it the biggest world leader owned jet for passenger capacity.

According to Express UK, the aircraft is equipped with bedrooms, showers, offices, a conference hall with video communication equipment, a soundproof room for negotiations and additional fuel tanks which allow it to fly up to 8,500 miles.



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