Parliamentarian Courts NRI Investments for Telangana



Visiting youth leader, Telengana state’s first woman Member of Parliament (MP) and daughter of its Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao, Kavitha Kalvakuntla of the Telengana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) regional political party received a rousing reception from prominent business and community leaders here at the home of Iftekhar Shareef, April 20. Joining the host in welcoming her were Consul General of India Ausaf Sayeed, former Mayor of Cicero city Ramiro Gonzalez, a close associate of President of Mexico Enrique Pena Nieto, and candidate for U.S. Congress Raja Krishnamoorthi.

Shareef, a native of Telengana, said their goal is to inspire NRI investments in the newly-formed state as a buoyant market, especially for augmenting solar energy, which is the crying need in several Indian states. One would be serving the state or country of origin while reaping healthy returns. Shareef urged all Telugu associations to join hands to promote the annual “Bathukamma” festival and bring in Hyderabadi talents such as ghazal singers, Urdu comedies and Deccani literature next year. He expressed confidence in the leadership of Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao and parliamentarian Kalvakuntla promised vigorously promote brand Telangana.

Introducing the honored guest, Iftekhar Shareef profusely heaped praises of approbation on Smt. Kavitha Kalvakuntla as a new age Member of Parliament who keenly understands the deeper nuances of the role of a parliamentarian and how to rapidly usher developmental programs that would percolate to the common people in the state of Telangana.

Elegantly clad in a sari reflecting the colors of her party and brimming with energy, Kalvakuntla outlined with impassioned eloquence the Telangana government’s vision for growth. She praised Prime Minister Modi for his vision of redefining the federal concept of devolution of powers to individual states. Kalvakuntla underlined the vibrant working relationship between Chief Minister and Prime Minister. She said Telangana has rich resources including coal, steel and two rivers from which hydro power can be harnessed. She sought proposals to bring more energy to the state. She described the strides made by the government to enhance the social security network for the poor, needy and aged. She was about to sign a memorandum of understanding between Chicago State University and Telangana University in Nizzamabad, Telengana, to facilitate a closer working relationships between them and and provide students opportunities for exchanges. Kalvakuntla urged NRIs to host Telugu Bathukamma festivals on the same scale as Gujarati Garba.

Sayeed said he had the good fortune of meeting Kalvakuntla’s father during his visit to Hyderabad early this year and discussing specific opportunities to collaborate. He outlined his plans to link with various institutions here including Purdue University, University of Chicago and University of Illinois to open free exchanges of learning that would complement each other and synergize the two countries. He has extended Rao an invitation to lead a trade delegation to the U.S. Likewise praising PM Modi for decentralizing, Sayeed emphasized how Rao has endeared himself to all communities and faiths.

Shareef invited Gonzalez to advice on a plan to bring about a closer business ties between India and Mexico. Gonzalez said he was keen to visit Telangana to advance business relationships especially in the field of solar energy. Commending Kalvakuntla, Krishnamoorthi, who does business here in solar energy, laid out its importance and growing market.

Keerthi Kumar Ravoori presented Kalvakuntla a colorful shawl and flower bouquet on behalf of FIA-Chicago. Other prominent attendees were trustees and members of American Telugu Association, including its immediate-past President Karunakar Madhavaram, Dr. Siraj Ahmed, Dr. Kapadia, Ajai Agnihotri, Kanti Patel, Madhav Reddy, Hanumanth Reddy, Bhailal Patel, Sanhita Agnihotri, Minhaj Akhtar, Satya Kandimalla and Syed Rafi of Dream India developer group from Hyderabad.