New ‘The Matrix’ movie may center on young Morpheus


Los Angeles,

New “The Matrix” film may center on young Morpheus, a character in the film.

According to a source, Warner Bros. might explore expanded universe concepts. The new “The Matrix” movie may come in the form of a prequel centering on young Morpheus, reports,

In “The Matrix” trilogy, Morpheus was portrayed by Laurence Fishburne.

The character gained respect from the audience due to his monk-like stoicism and wisdom as a mentor. Should “The Matrix” spin-off happen, the role of young Morpheus reportedly will be played by Michael B. Jordan.

1999’s “The Matrix” starred Keanu Reeves.

The movie sees a dystopian future where humans are unaware they live in a simulated reality created by sentient machines. Computer programmer named Neo (Reeves) slowly learns the truth and starts the rebellion against the machines.