More Than 220 People Benefit From Jain Health Fair


JSMC - Docs and Nurses - 2015


More than 220 people benefited at no cost from the annual health fair, staffed by 90 volunteers, organized here by the Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago (JSMC) May 3 and 17. Numerous diagnostic screenings tests, educational material and personal consultation services were provided to JSMC Life Members.

Volunteers included doctors, nurses, microbiologist, phlebotomist, lab technicians and other health-care professionals who offered free services.  Grand sponsors were Bharat and Sandhya Shah, Dipak and Hemangini Shah, Kamlesh and Priti Shah, and Nirupa and Samir Shah. Mahavir Senior Center sponsored breakfast. Many JSMC members donated monetarily.

Lab work for blood tests was conducted by Medstar Laboratories at a significantly discounted rate.  All medical equipment and supplies for screening tests and procedures were donated by Dinesh and Nayna Shah (AMSCO Medical Supply and Equipment, Inc.). Cardiologist Dr. Hetal Gandhi provided equipment and staff to conduct carotid ultrasound test to screen for any existent stenosis or obstruction in carotid arteries. St Alexius Medical Center (AMC) and Loyola Hospital Medical Center and school of public health provided bone mineral density test machine and staff to screen for osteopenia and osteoporosis.  Many physicians brought their own EKG machines and staff to conduct electrocardiogram tests to screen any irregular heart rhythm or heart diseases. AMC nurses supported vitals checkup such as blood pressure, height, weight and body mass index (BMI).

Core planning team comprised Vipul Shah (Gseneral Secretary, JSMC), Hitesh R. Shah (Vice President), Himanshu Jain (Treasurer), Atul B. Shah (Trustee,); physicians Dr. Mahesh Shah, Dr. Kaushal Mehta, Dr. Salil Vasanwala, Dr. Devendra U. Shah; cardiologists Dr. Hetal Gandhi, Dr. Shailesh Zaveri, Dr. Parag Doshi; Mayuri Zaveri (nurse); and volunteers Dinesh Shah and Bharat Kothari

Other specialists provided services. They include physicians D. U. Shah, Krupa Shah, Mahesh Shah, Niru Shah, Rena Shah, Rujuta Gandhi, Salil Vasanwala; oncologists Jagdish Shah, Moushmi Shah; cardiologists Hetal Gandhi, Parag Doshi, Shailesh Zaveri; gastroenterologists Amit Shah, Uttpal Parekh; dentists Amrit Patel, Monil Shah, Payal Trivedi, Priyanka Shah; gynecologists Bharathi Rao, Rashmikant Gardi; ophthalmologists Jill Zaveri, Parag Majmudar; nurses Adeline Szafrariec, Bonnie Weiss, Linda Turner, Mayuri Zaveri; pharmacists Nisha Jani, Shilpa Shah; dietitians Darshana Vyas, Dipti Shah, Madhu Jain; physical therapists Pina Shah , Usha Doshi;  chiropractor Avani Shah, radiation oncologist Bharat Jailwala, research physician Kaushal Mehta, pediatrician Mukesh Doshi, audiologist Sejal Kuwadia  and Alexian Brothers Cancer Institute.

Founded in 1970 and member of Federation of Jain Associations in North America (JAINA), JSMC provides educational, religious and community activities in its renovated facility on 15.4-acre property, where it has built the first significant Jain temple of North America in 1992.  Since 1993, this facility has become the prime center for Jain community in the Midwest.  JSMC has a membership of more than 1,600 families, the largest representation of all Jain Centers in North America.