Krish V. Krishnan’s Travelogue On Sacred Spaces Receives Acclaim


INDIA- Riot of Color - Kedar Ghat, Varanasi, India -

Wilmette-based artist, author and entrepreneur Krish V. Krishnan released his first book titiled “Rambles into Sacred Spaces” in April of 2015. Since then the book has received considerable attention and has been reviewed by a number of well-known literary publications.

The book is a compilation of 12 places or “sacred spaces,” as Krishnan would call them, including Thailand, Egypt, Central America, Jerusalem and India, which chronicles his experiences as a traveler and has more than 100 illustrations from his private collection 500 exhibit pieces.

It is full of stunning images from Hawaiian volcanoes, ancient monuments like Kadar Ghat in Varanasi, to exotic animals across the globe the artwork is wondrous. Krishnan seems to possess a special ability to bring out the “spirit” of each place in his very own unique style, through his artistic mastery.

Each location, or image in the book is a beautifully crafted artwork, using mediums ranging from watercolor, scratchboard, acrylics, pencil, to pastel and come with an authentic essay describing the “moment” as the artist was creating the work. This combination between “writing and artwork” does add richness and depth to the book but it is Krishnan’s art, which seems to be most appealing to readers.

The only criticism seems to be that he packs too much into the book and although the writing is good, it is easily over powered by the intricacy of his artwork.

“Although the essays enhance the art work, it is the visual “picture is worth a thousand words” that grips the audience who will relish stops in Jordan’s Red Desert and Hawaii volcanoes among others on Mr. Krishnan’s refreshing world tour,”  Harriet Klausner, a reviewer on Amazon wrote.

“Traveling from Belize to Greece, from Jordan to India to Cambodia and Mexico and many sites between, he has documented sites such as Stonehenge, Jerusalem, Petra, Giza, Chichen Itza, Angkor and Tikal. The artworks are stunning, capturing the site with emotion and feeling, in a way a plain snapshot simply cannot, especially as they evoke the artist’s response to the place,” San Diego Book Review, an online review company said.

According to another online review, “Art and religion is not a new combination, but Krish V. Krishnan takes it in a new direction, or maybe to a new height. Krishnan learned painting and sketching from his now 84-year-old father, who is still painting and teaching art today in India. He says it was his “close connection to his father’s legacy” which eventually gave birth to his artistic talent.

Krishnan who has traveled the globe for business and pleasure for more than 25 years and visited 60 countries said, “ I am really grateful that I had the opportunity visit so many places and to raise many little known beautiful and historically significant places from obscurity through my writing and art, for me that is the greatest satisfaction.”

For those interested in learn more about his art, Krishnan will be doing a scratchboard tutorial and book signing at Glenview Library on Wed Jan. 27 from 7-8 p.m. More information can be found on the website: