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HOROSCOPE THIS WEEK by Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma

Sometimes it is best to overlook the shortcomings of others for a better relationship. You will do well to address some concerns of spouse or a family member on the family front. Your own resolve will keep you fit and energetic. Those playing the stocks are likely to hit the jackpot. Some investments in the past may mature to give handsome returns. You may be especially chosen to head a committee or some other governing body.

A matter you are finding it difficult to come to terms with may make you suffer some more. Your suggestions may be opposed on the professional front and all your convincing may also not work. Someone you have an appointment with is likely to make you waste your time waiting. You may find it difficult to avoid an embarrassing situation on the social front that you have, more or less, brought upon yourself. Loss of money is foreseen.

You may find someone attitude at work against your interests, but little you can do about it. Someone may take you to task for something not completed on the academic front. Efforts made on the social front may go unrecognised and frustrate you. You may be at risk of getting drawn into an argument at work and get unnecessarily stressed. Fear of something bad happening on the medical front can give some sleepless nights. Financial health needs care.

There are times that you wish would never end, but everything that begins must also end, so relax and be happy! Seeking expert guidance for an on-going project at work will be a step in the right direction. A decision on the professional front may prove favourable to you. Financially, you may experience a surge in your earnings. Bank balance remains in the pink of health for some. A romantic evening out is foreseen. Health remains satisfactory.

Getting resigned to fate may have its own benefits. You are set to enjoy a family gathering this week. Someone arriving from overseas can get you all excited. Your efforts on the professional front may not get immediate results, but promise to be encouraging. Success is foreseen for those seeking an easy loan. Positive developments on the romantic front are envisaged. Delay is foreseen in a journey, but you will be able to make up the time.

You will be able to derive much satisfaction from helping out someone on the family front. An ancestral property is likely to be sold for a handsome amount. You will get the opportunity you wanted on the professional front. Your popularity is set to rise on the social front. Looking up someone you have not met in years is possible this week. Lover may be waiting for you to take the initiative on the romantic front, so don’t disappoint!

Positive developments can be expected on the professional front. Don’t miss out on details in your haste to meet the deadlines. Being too satisfied with your performance will hamper your results in competitive exams. Don’t take out your frustrations on someone who has your genuine concern in mind. Family discussions could get volatile if you are not careful. Socially, you remain popular. Accidental benefits are indicated. You may be in a mood to splurge.

Do not blindly follow the footsteps of someone on the professional front. Someone you repose full faith in is likely to leave you in the lurch. Fond memories of yesteryears may make you emotional and long for time gone by. Overriding concern for health may make you paranoid. Someone from the opposite camp may show interest in you. Do consider the opportunity to travel to another city. Someone’s overbearing presence at home may annoy you.

Time is favorable for earning, so put your best foot forward. Money may no longer be a problem. Find ways to work around obstacles that crop up. New commitments in business will have a long term effect, so make your choices carefully. You may be in a mood to splurge. A sense of determination combined with diplomacy will ensure that you stay on schedule. Resist falling in addictive habits. Strict dietary control and exercise is the need of the hour.

Workload may steadily increase, if you don’t tackle it in a timely manner. Avoid interfering in other people’s business. You will do well to keep your distance from senior this week. Health and your own well-being may make you mentally tensed, but it will be without any basis. Softening your stance on some domestic issue may not be the right course of action, but do take your call. Love life will be good. Gains from unexpected sources are foreseen.

A youngster may upset you. Do not take it to heart and focus on solutions. An opportunity to further your career may materialize, so take the initiative. Marriage talks prosper for the eligible in the family. You may feel cheated on the monetary front by someone close, but it is best not to make an issue of it. Accept the invitation for an evening party to relax from a hectic schedule. Some of you can pass through a tight financial situation. Health needs care.

This week, a busy schedule faces you on the professional front. You are likely to have a good time in the company of your near and dear ones this weekend. A plan on the home front may get you all excited. Those longing for love are certain to find it soon. You will be able to cut on time in travelling to a distant destination by taking a better route. A piece of good news awaits some in the property market. Romantic relationships could go haywire if you do not spend time with each other. Health remains excellent.