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HOROSCOPE THIS WEEK by Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma

Don’t rush through the period, as it will cause you to make mistakes. Caution is of utmost importance week. You are likely to seize all opportunities that come your way on the financial front. The need for peace and harmony is paramount to prevent any emotional imbalance. An employee may ask for a raise, so consider his or her case sympathetically, rather than rejecting it outright. Family responsibilities may make you feel bogged down, but you will be able to cope up.

You will need to pursue something important in all earnest to get a favorable outcome. The period promises to prove professionally satisfying for doctors, engineers, architects and other professionals. Some of you may get busy in arranging the marriage of an eligible member of the family. Property investments should be avoided in this week. Discuss sensitive issues only when the other person is ready to confide in what you say. Romance is in the air but needs serious attention.

You may feel dissatisfied with a new development at work, but it may not be as bad as it seems now. You will not regret your decision to undertake a journey which you were reluctant to in the first place. Do not bow down to someone’s extra ordinary demands. Stand up for what is right and face it deliberately. Dedication and sincerity may amount to nothing, if you are not able to project them to those who matter. Money loaned to someone may not be returned in a hurry.

Your stars appear to be great in this week. Contrary to your efforts, the results on the academic front are likely to take you by surprise. Delegating a job may ease your burden, but you will need to keep a close watch. People are likely to look up to you as you gain celebrity status. Something conducted by you at work will become a perfect example for others to emulate. Money will not pose any problem, but investing wisely is the need of the hour. Curtail frivolous expenses.

You are likely to enjoy an outing with family in this week. You will get praise from a superior at work front. Pending issues on the domestic front will get completed without any difficulty. You will be able to retain your focus on the academic front. A business venture will be put on the tracks. Be prepared to compromise and make some concessions. A journey undertaken in this week will be comfortable and without delays. Try and keep your options open as new proposals are on their way.

Official tours may not let you spend time with family. Your reluctance to help out someone close may give you a bad name. Some anomalies in a recently purchased piece of land may prove disturbing. A problem in the family will need immediate solution, before it turns serious. Health needs care. Be careful of how much you invest and in what on the financial front. Travelling will open door to more opportunities.

Things may hang in suspense for you, but it is only a matter of time when they turn favourable. Difficulty to cope up with the workload on the professional front can hamper the peace of mind. Family members will be supportive. Be more decisive to avoid being a prey to other’s mischief. Honing your marketing skills can open up more income avenues. Romantic thoughts may dominate your mind on this weekend. A good opportunity for sightseeing may materialize.

This week, you must give time to someone who is desperate to meet you. Things will be totally in your control as you establish your authority at work. Some of you may plan to let in or shift to an ancestral property. You will remain most understanding on the family front and will successfully cater to the moods of spouse. Do not focus on any major strategy change without a green signal from seniors. Maintaining your exercise routine without a break will help keep you fit.

This is not the right opportunity to project anything personal on the social front, as it can go against you. Choose well, as wrong choice may not be in your favor. Some of you may end up catering to the whims and fancies of a senior at work. Differences with spouse may take a serious turn, so be careful with what you speak. You will have to undertake something stressful, but there is no other way. Keep your eyes and ears open for any deceptive statements around you.

Stop wavering on the romantic front and stand for what is right. Continue to help people irrespective of your personal equation with them. Dealing with the facts and making concrete plans. Don’t expect instant recognition for your excellent performance at work. Permanent solution may have to be found for a vehicle giving problems. Learn about investments and ways to tackle debt. Limit your expenses. Introspection will help you shed light on personal issues that are worrying you.

You may remain busy with additional work in this week. Those in business will be able to increase their net earnings. Stick to your intuition in the real estate matters. Help from someone on the financial front will help you overcome a tight situation. It’s time to concentrate on close personal ties now. Those conscious of their figure or physique are likely to go for a tough exercise regimen. Keep ahead of the latest trends in the market to have an intimate knowledge of what could be at stake.

Now that you have brought some order into your life, you are likely to take long strides on the professional front. You will be able to find a good buyer for a property you want to dispose of. Stay cautious at work as your opponents may plan to snatch an upcoming project from you. Your closest contacts could resent interference with their strategies. Wait for better timing to form new alliances. Get projects rolling quickly to beat competition. Express your thoughts clearly to improve your relationships.