HOROSCOPE THIS WEEK by Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma


You succeed in completing projects efficiently provided you put in all your efforts. You are likely to be benefited as family members positively respond. Financial position will improve later in the week. Traveling proves a blessing in disguise by bringing a love in your life. A cheerful state of mind brings mental peace. Take a trip, as there is some place waiting for you. It might be the right time to sale your empty plot as property rates are at peak. You are likely to plan a trip to pilgrimage.

A promising week to start a new venture in partnership. All are likely to be benefited. Unexpected visit by old friend could give you a pleasant surprise. Increase in income from past investment is foreseen. A romantic encounter is likely to add spice to life. Meditation and yoga prove beneficial for spiritual as well as physical gains. If adventure is your style of holidaying, then plan it and move around. Purchasing of electrical appliances can be done. You are likely to get rid from legal tensions in later half of the week.

Your technical expertise gives a decisive edge over competitors at work. Good advice from family members will help in reducing mental tension/pressure. Monetary gains from unplanned sources will brighten your week. Romantic partner would try innovative methods to catch your attention. A very healthy week when your cheerfulness gives the desired tonic and confidence. A beautiful vacation you awaited for is on your cards. A good deal for residential property is ahead. A lady is likely to lend a timely helping hand in this week.

Hard work of the past brings rich dividends. However continue enhancing your skills/adopt techniques for further development. Sudden good news in the evening will bring cheers for the entire family. New moneymaking opportunities will be lucrative. Initiatives in love bring positive results as you catch the desired attention. You are likely to maintain good health that would also give you success. Destination with a great deal is on your way, be ready for traveling. Time to make investments on farmlands. Make sure you give opinion only when you are asked to do.

Dedication & loyalty at work would bring desired results. Your efforts bring success & happiness at family front. Explore new investment opportunities that comes your way, commit only after considering the viability of the projects. Your generous attitude would contribute much in your love life. A continuous positive thinking gets rewarded as you succeed in whatever you do in this week. Be ready to travel with a challenge, new connections will help you. Your investment plans are at full boom and you might succeed in them. Attraction towards religious activities increases on coming into contact with a sage.

New ventures start on a positive note. You achieve success in personal work with the timely help & support provided by family members. You get some financial rewards as dedication & hard work gets noticed. Extremely supportive & loving partner would help in withering away your troubles. Creative hobbies are likely to keep you relaxed. Traveling abroad can be exciting adventure that will be remembered forever. Your girlfriend’s desire for an apartment might lead to its destination. Performing some ritual ceremony will highly benefit you.

Businessmen are likely to suffer some setbacks on failing to meet the deadline. Misunderstandings with near ones in the family will get cleared. Monetary gains are likely to be from more than one source. Romantic vibrations from someone unknown would lift your spirits taking imaginations to scaling heights. With a positive outlook & confidence, you succeed in impressing people around you. Finally you have found the time for your deserving break, travel will be favourable. Time to plan a gift for your parents may be their dream home. You are likely to hear some good news in later half of the week when your struggle & legal battle is likely to end.

Service people, artists and those in creative field will get several new opportunities. You would prefer to relax and enjoy the company of family members in the evening. Improvement in finances is certain. You will be attracted to someone special. A beneficial week to work on things that will improve your health. A trip that is unconventional and adventurous will be favourable enjoy every minute of it. Investment on construction business might give fruitful results. The good news for you in this week is that you would objectively evaluate yourself.

Failure at professional front would disappoint you. Children would do their best to keep you happy. A new financial deal gets finalized paving the way for fresh money. Love life brings immense romantic pleasure. Mental alertness would enable to solve a tricky problem. Adventurous holidays, the best way to experience with your friends, time to enjoy. It’s high time to think of purchasing a new office. A possibility of an enhancement in your religious thinking.

Hard work put-in the past will yield handsome rewards in business. Parents and friends will do their best to keep you happy. Real estate investment would be lucrative. You are likely to get a new friendship opportunity in the evening. Good time to divert attention to spirituality to enhance mental toughness. Great time for perfect family vacation to an exciting destination. Your plan for a new house will be in process very soon. Inner opposition would pave the way for a new development in you.

Business partners behave supportive on executing strategies to sort out pending problems. A promising week to plan things for your progeny. Investment in stocks & mutual funds would help in earning profits. New romance that some of you are going to experience would take the worries off mind. A pleasure trip gives the much-needed tonic to health. Travel opportunities full of challenges are often the beginning of great enterprises. Your loan procedures for pursuing a plot will be in process. You will be successful in developing some social contacts for personal use.

Innovative ideas & technical expertise would enable to win the confidence of seniors at professional front. You would be the center of attraction at a social gathering that you attend especially with family. Long-term investment in stocks & mutual funds will enable to earn profits. You enjoy a memorable time with partner to cement the lovely bond. Cutting down the number of parties and pleasure jaunts would help in keeping in good mood. You will discover travel destinations that are unique and magical. Investment in hotel industry can be the right choice to be made. By sticking to your beliefs & faith, you succeed in achieving many personal favours.