HOROSCOPE THIS WEEK by Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma


Some more time may be required for you to get into the groove, so don’t lose patience. A job well done is likely to bring you into the notice of those who matter on the professional front. Money invested in a lucrative scheme may start giving good returns. A hectic schedule is in store for you on the social front. Keep travel plans open, as some change is visualised. You will buy an item that you wanted for long.

Tie things up properly at work, if you are taking a break. You are likely to take on more than you can handle on the professional front and become hard pressed for time. A dip in performance is foreseen, as you risk becoming increasingly error-prone. A showdown with spouse cannot be ruled out. A disappointing performance on the academic front may lower your morale. Love life is badly in need of resurrection, so don’t neglect it anymore.

If you are quick enough, you will manage to salvage a situation being faced by you. You may find yourself in the company of your near and dear ones and make some exciting plans! Your nature may seem irresistible to someone from the opposite camp, so get ready to usher in romance! Networking will help in getting good placement on the academic front. Complete the given task quickly, if you don’t want to face the music.

You may have to forego your rest and sleep to complete something urgent. Money may come to you as a gift or reward for something achieved. On the academic front, you may find yourself in hot water and get ‘scalded’ badly, if you don’t put your act together! Someone is likely to pip you to the post in getting a promotion. Serious differences are envisaged on the romantic front that threatens the relationship. Travelling at night seems risky.

This is a great time to renew old contacts. You will get the opportunity to exercise your initiative at work and impress people who matter. Your excellent performance on the academic front will be a shot in the arm. Networking may come in handy in getting out of a tight corner. You will get all the help you need for organising something on the social front. Lover is likely to meet your romantic aspirations, so rejoice!

You may not be too keen to distract yourself from the urgent task at hand. Despite assurances, work entrusted to someone on the professional front may get delayed, so take precautionary measures beforehand. Something difficult on the academic front may require outside help, so don’t hesitate to take it. You may get tempted to pry into someone’s personal life. Don’t indulge in comparisons, if you want your romantic life to run smoothly. Resetting the house is possible.

Some of you may set out on an official tour. Your efficiency at work will not let anything remain pending. Appreciation for something successfully accomplished on the academic front is possible. You will be able to save a lot by being judicious in your spending. Those planning a family can expect good news. Check your mood swings as they can upset others in the family. Don’t undertake a journey that has not been properly planned.

Some more effort is desirable, if you want no comebacks. This is the time to complete the work you had been postponing for long. An evening out with lover is foreseen, so don’t forget to dress your best! Clubbing leisure with business will help lighten the load. Good planning will see you complete a task at work in record time. Money may come to you from unexpected sources. A surprise gift from someone is likely to warm your heart.

You are likely to put your best foot forward on the social front. A challenging situation on the financial front is likely to arise, but will be handled competently. Good networking will be of help on the professional front, so get down to refreshing old contacts. Getting an expected outcome on the academic front will seem like a godsend and boost your morale. Be upfront with lover about your past, before catches up with you!

Cooperation is the key, especially on the social front. Your worst fears are likely to be realised on the professional front. A family youngster’s performance on the academic front may disappoint you. Don’t be hasty in investing in whatever scheme is on offer, as you can end up losing money. You may eat something that does not agree with your system and suffer. Love life remains satisfactory. Cater to the weather, if undertaking a journey.

A dream you had harboured for long is about to be realised. This is an excellent week that promises to boost your image both on the social and professional fronts. Winning a lucrative deal on the business front is indicated and will help in furthering your interests. It is not a bad idea to invest in gold or jewellery, as handsome returns are assured. Back arrears are likely to materialise for some and make their bank balance healthy.

It may not be in the fitness of things to corner someone on a trivial issue, so give a rethought. An opportunity you had been desperate for may materialise now. Arriving late for work is possible, but don’t be hasty on the road. You may be forced to cancel something important on health account, so take care. A trivial issue may become a source of irritation. Unexpected expenses not catered for in the budget can dent you financially.