HOROSCOPE THIS WEEK by Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma


Interior designers will have to be much more creative to bring success and at the same time to have an edge over your competitors. Make sure you don’t bring office tension to home. Monetarily not a very promising week as gains remains below expectation. Disappointment in love life is foreseen for some as your one-sided love fails to materialise.

Things at work begin to move in your favour as you find people supporting you.
Students preparing for competitive examinations will have to really put-in a lot of efforts to succeed. News of arrival of a new family member may enthral some. Chances of increasing your fund are high this week as you decide to invest in some financial schemes.

Exciting times are waiting for you this week as you are likely to reap rich achievements with your hard work. Professionals engaged in tourism sectors are likely to get lucrative offers. Romantic companionship of partner would make you feel loved and cared. Health will generally remain normal. You need to make sure to invest only in secure schemes to save money.

Journey undertaken for the job prospects would yield positive results. You are likely to get monetary gains from more than one source. Testing times in love is foretold for some on separation from partner. You will be greatly benefited by unnecessarily refusing to worry about health. Engineering students will have a very promising week. They will fair very well in examinations.

No need to be workaholic. Keep in mind that work is important but not at the cost of other things. Spending time in other activities would recharge body and enable to work efficiently. Chances of meeting future life partner are high on the cards for some. Health is not a major concern, provided you enjoy it as it comes to you. Rescheduling plans and routines would be a good idea for some.

A promising week is foreseen to divert mind to spirituality to enable yourself to enjoy the sound of peace. You are likely to get an opportunity to execute brilliant ideas at work. Shopping with family would be immensely enjoyable. You will be able to develop a trustworthy relationship with your beloved. Adolescents make sure you keep yourself away from violence.

Work schedule is likely to remain hectic but enjoyable. You will have a good chance of striking a financial deal. Family problems would require taking a courageous effort. A gloomy face might give tension to spouse. Sharing problems with him/her would help in finding a solution. An opportune time is ahead to change yourself to make progress in life especially on the health front.

Grab the money making opportunities which comes to your way. Avoid spoiling your romantic bond by querying too hard about the past of partner. Positive attitude and a preventive care would bring immense relief from your ailments. Great time is ahead to plan a family vacation. Your income can be doubled by renting your house or a part of your house.

Paying heed to good advice supported by your strong will and perseverance are likely to be the success key at work this week. A long desire to purchase a new house might be fulfilled as you decide to take loan from a finance leasing company. Developing rich nutritious eating habits and making yoga a part of life is the mantra to enjoy a sound health.

You are likely to get praise by seniors at work. Consider all pros & cons before starting a new venture. Make sure you don’t neglect your social life. If possible, take some time from your busy schedule and go out to attend a party with family. Students need to be careful at academic front. A simple restrain in eating habits would save you from stomach problems.

You are likely to face stiff competition at professional front. `Think positively and continue exercising. This would help in preventing chronic ailments. Curtail unnecessary expenses to save money. Quarrelsome personal relations would prevent from enjoying love life. You need to resolve all misunderstanding to bring normalcy in relations.

Opposition at work might make your time a little tough. Avoid carelessness and a laid back attitude. Only thing needed on your part is to put in requisite efforts with concentration and confidence. Understanding the feeling of love companion would make the relationship moving. A very wonderful time is ahead to catch up on your regular routine. It is high time to complete all pending correspondence on priority basis.



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