Four Indians Among “Great” Naturalized Americans


Abraham Verghese 
The Carnegie Corporation of New York, named after one of the most known immigrants to this country, Andrew Carnegie, recognized 38 individuals “who have helped advance and enlighten our society, culture, and economy,” among them four of Indian descent, to celebrate Independence Day. It also includes a Pakistani-American, several of Iranian descent and individuals from more than 30 countries.

For the tenth year, the Corporation is honoring a group of distinguished immigrants and their accomplishments with a full-page public service ad in The New York Times. The 2015 “Great Immigrants: The Pride of America” list this year includes Preet Bharara, U.S. Attorney for he Southern District of New York; Rakesh Khurana,  Danoff Dean of Harvard College and Marvin Bower Professor of Leadership and Development; Madhulika Sikka,  Vice President, Executive Editor, .Mic; and Abraham Verghese,  physician, professor, and author.

The list also includes Pakistani-American Rabia Chaudry, attorney, civil rights activist, and International Security Fellow with the New America Foundation.

“Only America welcomes, every day, populations of people like me and my parents – people who ate biryani before they ate burgers, who learned cricket before they learned baseball,” Bharara told Press Trust of India, saying he was honored to be in the Carnegie list.

“Geography is destiny. It was in coming to America, in that change in geography that I found my voice and purpose, Verghese is quoted saying in news reports. Sikka said she was honored and proud to call herself an American immigrant.

Nearly nine million legal permanent residents are currently eligible to naturalize and become U.S. citizens, a release from Carnegie Corporation said.