Documentary on Osho Rajneesh to be released by Netflix

(Courtesy: Twitter)

NEW YORK – Netflix will later this month release a documentary series about the late, self-exiled Indian guru Bhagwan Shree ‘Osho’ Rajneesh who came to Wasco County, Oregon, in 1981 and founded Rajneeshpuram, an ashram based on harmony, free love and the crafting of the New Man, according to a Den of Geek report.

The series ‘Wild Wild Country’, will consist of six episodes that will show how the controversial cult leader built “a utopian city in the Oregon desert, resulting in conflict with the locals that escalates into a national scandal,” according to its synopsis on YouTube.

According to the Den of Geek report, Shree Rajneesh, whose real name is Chandra Mohan Jain, allegedly poisoned hundreds of people in 1984 with Salmonella bacteria to rig local elections throughout restaurants in Dalles, Oregon but said that he was in meditation, blaming his secretary Ma Anand Sheela (Sheela Silverman).

But he had already destroyed the image of the Hindu guru with his fleet of Rolls Royces as well as his allegations of prostitution and drug running in India before finding the Rajneesh Foundation International and was deported from Oregon in 1981.

The Rajneesh cult came in conflict with its neighbors in the town of Antelope and the residents there ended up attacking the ashram compound, causing the cult to arm itself.

This then attracted the attention of the FBI, who also found other evidence against Rajneesh including immigration fraud, election rigging, smuggling and a planned assassination attempt on the presidentially appointed U.S. Attorney Charles Turner.

Except that did not stop Rajneesh and he went on to gathering more followers under the names of Osho and Acharya Rajneesh.

He died on January 19, 1990.

The series is executive produced by Mark and Jay Duplass and directed by Chapman Way and Maclain Way, according to

According to, the six-hour long documentary was premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January and will be streamed on Netflix from March 16.